Would you like to regain your writing ability if so, this book can help you because these books are designed with seven color codes which will increase thinking ability, boost and build confidence. The concept of the book is that each color pattern correlates to form letters and numbers this will allow one to easily make connection. The seven base colors that are displayed in the book are black, yellow, red, green, purple, orange and blue this will also allow he/she to familiarize themselves with colors. There are no lines to follow its called IMAGINATION writing it’s easy as one, two three. LEARNING to Write Again (writing activity book) will help anyone who has suffered a Brain Injury, Dementia or Stroke regain their writing ability and improve their cognitive skills.

Learn to Write ABC 123
with Dots Is Fun

Is a writing activity book for preschool and kindergarten children as well as children with learning difficulties (ages 3-5) created to teach children how to write and improve handwriting skills. My desire to provide such an activity book began in an effort to assist my 3-year old foster daughter in writing. In using the traditional handwriting exercise skills of tracing, I noticed a decline in her interest as being boring that is why I designed the activity book for high levels of achievement. This writing book will encourage any child to learn how to write its easy, fun and motivating.